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We are partnered with Breeze'18 - Shiv Nadar University's annual cultural, technical and sports fest.

Slam Poetry

Revel in the spotlight, unsettle the audience with your passionate poetry performance, and celebrate the art of slam. Each contestant is required to register individually and can perform a poem (in either Hindi or English) for a maximum of 10 minutes. We'll see you at Breeze '18!
Register now: visit http://snu-breeze.com/events/cultural/oratory/


Sonorus' refers to the spell used to magnify a wizard's voice. Magnify yourself and make yourself heard in parts 6 and 7 of the world's biggest literary phenomenon till date by registering for Sonorus, the Potter MUN organised by the MUNSOC.
February 10. 8.5K up for grabs.
Register now: http://snu-breeze.com/events/cultural/mun


SNU’s Debating Society has come up with a new format of debating to facilitate better flow of thought and generate focus on clashing with enough stimulating rebuttal to sustain good debate for the entirety of the tournament. For registrations, visit http://snu-breeze.com/events/cultural/oratory/
For registrations, visit http://snu-breeze.com/events/cultural/oratory/